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In millions of households the world over, the staple breakfast is not complete without having bread on the menu. Since we don’t have much time in the morning — as people rush off to work and children to school, bread provides the easy solution to have a healthy and tasty option to filling your tummies until the lunch or the next brunch. But just having a bread is not enough, as the moisture in it may carry several bacteria and may not be too healthy at times. In such a scenario, heating your slice is a feasible option, as it does away with all the dampness and any residue. But we need a fast and a reliable toaster that can accommodate loaves of bread of all sizes. For this, the Breville BTA820XL 2-Slice Smart Toaster is an apt solution.

Breville BTA820XL Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart Toaster, 1.2-Inch Wide x 5.2-Inch Deep

Breville 2 slice toaster Introduction

The Breville BTA820XL 2-Slice Smart Toaster is the response to the varying needs and demands of the customers in their quest to have wide options of toasting. It can toast bread slices in a matter less time than one could imagine. One could use the toaster to make toasts from different kinds of bread — such as bagel bread, regular bread or pastry bread. So in such a manner, you are relieved of buying different kinds of toasters as this one toaster serves your different needs.
The Breville BTA820XL 2-Slice Smart Toaster is made of die-cast metal in its interior which means that it can withstand very high temperatures without any part breaking off or malfunctioning.
The power of the toaster is on the higher side which means that you can have crispier toasts earlier as compared to similar other toasters. This is important as it saves a lot of time particularly when you want to have a quick bite before rushing off somewhere.

The Breville BTA820XL 2-Slice Smart Toaster is truly a wonder electrical kitchen appliance that is durable enough to last for quite a long time and so you don’t have to be overly concerned about its functioning.
It is a 2- slice toaster and has the automotive function of lowering the toasts in the slots so that it is not a hassle for you. The issue that many people have with their toasters is that the toasts are burnt before as they do not receive any kind of indication. However, the Breville BTA820XL 2-Slice Smart Toaster has the LED panel which illuminates as per the setting you have chosen from the browsing control.
The other benefit the toaster offers is that it is quite accommodating of even bigger slices of bread. With a greatly designed body that is 13 ¼ inches long, 8 ¼ wide and about 9 inches in height one would find it that it is very easy to put different types and sizes of bread.
The other interesting thing about the Breville BTA820XL 2-Slice Smart Toaster is that it has push-button controls so that you have total control in your hands while toasting a bread slice.
It doesn’t end there, the Breville BTA820XL 2-Slice Smart Toaster also offers 5 different types of settings. It has options such as “A Bit More”, for enhanced heating, Defrost and Bagel, 2 Slice Extra Wide, Look and See and other features that suit all bread types.
This is quite a utilitarian feature as it makes it painless to switch from one toasting option to another. So if you feel that on a one fine day, you want a different kind of toast, just use the simple push button and you are on your way to having a different experience.


The Breville BTA820XL 2-Slice Smart Toaster offers a wide variety of features for creating great toasts:-
• 900-Watt Power
• Push Button Controls
• 1-Touch Automation
• 5 Setting Bread Options
• LED Light Panel indicator
• Die-Cast Metal Housing
• 110-120 V
• 1-year Limited Warranty
• Cord Wrap
• 1 ⅕ inch wide bread slice slots
• Beep at the end of a cycle

Customer Satisfaction

The customers who have bought and used this toaster rave about its functioning and performance. People have found that their bread slices are evenly toasted and that no area is softer than the other.
The function which they liked the most are the “Lift and Look” to check how your toasts are coming along. This is a wonderful feature as people were earlier clueless about their toasts until it came out after heating.

Advantages and Disadvantages
The main advantage of the toaster is that it is pretty big so that you are not limited to only a few sizes of bread. Secondly, even though it is big, it does not look bulkier. The issues with the toaster are that it makes a clingy sound when it is on. Also, the carriages in the toaster get oftentimes jammed when in an upward position. The button labels are painted and wear off after a few months, so you better memorize which button is for what.

Common Questions Asked

1. Does the toaster have a crumb tray?
Yes. The toaster comes with a slide out crumb tray which is in the middle

2. Do bagels fit in the toaster?
Yes, they do fit. But only one side will get heated

The Breville BTA820XL 2-Slice Smart Toaster is a great toaster for yourself or your family as you can toast different varieties of bread and also have to option to sew how they are turning out while the slices are being toasted. You will definitely have a pleasant experience having this appliance for your daily needs.

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