Ways of Having Fun in the Sun by the Pool

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You got the best above ground pool for your kids and family. They are having some of the best time of their life. You have taken pictures of the best moments, your kids figuring out so many ways of jumping in the pool, playing in the water, floating on a pool float etc. After about a month it’s the same thing repeating all over again. Everybody is still having fun, but no new photo shoot moment.

Other Ways of Having Fun

To break the monotony, you invite your neighbors and or other members of your family. You think of throwing a pool party. Of course, there will be music. You setup your sound system outside by the pool. Now everybody is dancing, some are swimming, some chatting but most are still on Facebook.

You are thinking, why don’t we have a barbecue or a pizza party by the pool. Also get something for the kids to have fun with when they are not in the pool.

Fun by the Pool for the Kids

Kids love to play in water. Swimming pool is great, but sometimes parents get distracted and there may come a moment of distraction and accidents happen. There are way of preventing it. Whenever kids are playing in water, they should always wear life jackets. Even with life jackets on there should always be an adult present when kids are playing in the pool.

There are many other games that the kids can play. They can play with the water guns, water balloons etc. If they don’t want to run around they can play in the best inflatable water slides. The water slides will do magic to your backyard. It will turn it into small water park. And best of all it will keep the kids occupied all day.

Barbecue Party by the Pool

You know for sure when you can smell the barbecue in the air – summer and barbecue go together hand in hand. Throw a barbecue party by the pool this summer that will impress your family and friends – it’s the perfect way to spend time with them. Everybody will be happy. It is the best combination of having fun. The pool will keep you and everybody cool on the outside and barbecue will keep you cool on the inside.

All you need is get the best barbecue grill from the market, you already have the pool and invite your friends over. For the kids you already got the water slides and they are having a blast.

Pizza Party by the Pool

You already had a barbecue party, now thinking of something different to do. Well, it’s very simple:

  • You already have a pool
  • Plug in the music system by the pool
  • Order some pizza
  • Invite friends and family
  • Have a pizza party

Now, think if you had your own outdoor pizza oven, wouldn’t that be more fun. Kids having fun in the pool, people dancing, you and friends are baking pizza. All of these events will create lots of moments for your photo shoots. But first you need one of the best pizza oven, outdoor pizza oven to be more precise. Please read our full review of the outdoor pizza ovens here.

You can play with baking also. You will need multiple pizza for everybody, so ask other friends to bake pizza as well – see who makes the best pizza. Baking in a group may not always be a good idea but it’s great fun.


Having fun in the pool is not limited to the events mentioned above. Apply your imagination, sky is the limit. There are so many games you can play in the water. If you don’t want to play get a pool lounger and relax.

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