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If you need an outdoor pizza oven then we have one for you . Camp Chef Pizza Oven is outdoor pizza oven that is different than many other. The main difference is that cooking surface is very, very big which will allow you to cook two pizzas at the same time. The design of the Camp Chef Pizza Oven is beautiful, it looks like a modern pizza oven which would go pretty much with any kitchen arrangement. But is Camp Chef Pizza Oven any good? We will tell you in this review.

Camp Chef 14X32 Italia Artisan Outdoor Pizza Oven Accessory Specifications:


Camp Chef Pizza Oven features traditional pizza oven design which is a same as brick pizza ovens. It features a cordierite baking stone. It includes an Italian cooking guide with many recipes. The cooking surface is 325 sq. in. Camp Chef Pizza Oven weights 41 pounds. It is made of steel which will give the longevity to the pizza oven itself.

CAMP CHEF 14X32 Italia Artisan Outdoor Pizza Oven Accessory, Silver
CAMP CHEF 14X32 Italia Artisan Outdoor Pizza Oven Accessory, Silver

Where to use

  • Home
  • Outdoor
  • Restaurant

Traditional pizza oven Accessory design:

Camp Chef Pizza Oven features a classic pizza oven design which will be appreciated by all pizza aficionados. Also, this design will help you with cooking the pizzas because everything looks familiar. You won`t have to learn much about how to operate the oven because it is pretty much straight forward. This problem can acquire with some other outdoor pizza ovens, but with Camp Chef Pizza Oven this will not be a problem. Also, it features a pretty big cooking area.

Cordierite baking stone:

This is a great feature because cordierite stone is the best baking stone that you can use. It is very durable, there is pretty much no chance that it will shatter while heating up. Also, it won`t left any aftertaste in your pizza. And the best thing is that it will last you pretty much a lifetime. This was a definitely great choice, to include cordierite baking stone.

Italian pizza cooking guide:

With Camp Chef Pizza Oven you will get Italian cooking guide. Not many pizza ovens include cooking manuals that would help you with preparing a pizza or giving you some new ideas for cooking the pizza. This cooking manual will give you all necessary advice and recipes to cook a perfect Italian pizza that every single person will love.

Camp chef oven Cooking area:

Camp Chef Pizza Oven features a pretty large cooking area of 325 sq. In. This will allow you to cook two pizzas at the same time with ease. Not many outdoor or regular pizza ovens have this capability, but Camp Chef Pizza Oven has it and it very useful. Especially if you have a lot of people that you need to feed. You will be able to feed as many people as you need.

Camp chef  Accessory Weight:

The weight of the Camp Chef Pizza Oven is 41 pounds. Which considering its capabilities is not a lot. You will be able to take it on pretty much any trip with you. Also you will be able to move it around if occasion asks you to move it. Don`t get me wrong, there are lighter outdoor pizza ovens on the market, but not many of them have the capability to cook two pizzas at the same time, none of them feature large cooking area as Camp Chef Pizza Oven.

The pizza tastes after being with Camp chef :

Pizza cooked in the Camp Chef Pizza Oven has an amazing taste, there is no strange after taste or taste of chemicals inside pizza. The pizza that you cook in the Camp Chef Pizza Oven will have the same taste as if you cooked it in a traditional pizza oven. And there is nothing better than restaurant quality pizza which you will get with Camp Chef Pizza Oven.


  • Build quality of the pizza oven
  • Surface area that it has
  • Easy to transport
  • Cordierite baking stone
  • Temperature up to 600 degrees F
  • Included Italian cooking guide
  • Does not feature its own source of heat
  • You can pretty much use it on any source of heat if you have stovetop or barbecue grill


  • Weight: 41 lbs.
Is the stone replaceable?
Material Type?
Steel, 41 pounds,
Pizza Oven does not have an integrated with any burner.

Final Verdict

Camp Chef Pizza Oven is definitely worth of your money. There are not many pizza ovens that feature that kind of capability. You will be able to cook two pizzas at the same time, which gives you the capability to feed your whole family in only one cooking session. Included cordierite stone is definitely a plus, it is the best cooking stone on the market and the one that will last you the longest time, probably your whole lifetime. So if you are in the market for outdoor pizza oven that offers quality, capability to cook more than one pizza at the same time, and which will last you for a very long time. Then the Camp Chef Pizza Oven is the one for you. Don`t look elsewhere because the perfect outdoor pizza oven is just right in front of you.

Alternative Ovеn:

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  • Dimensions 6.69 x 14.25 x 16.93 in
  • The Stovetop Pizza Oven will reach 600F during cooking.
  • Best for Every where use.



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