New Wave Pizza Maker reviews

For all the people who love pizzas comes the time when they need a great outdoor pizza oven. The oven that will give you the capability to cook perfect pizza outside. But then comes the question, which outdoor pizza oven is the best? What kind of fuel is best for outdoor pizza oven? How long does it take the outdoor pizza oven to cook the pizza? Is it a high-quality product?

If you are looking for a product that has all of those things covered with almost perfect score than the New Wave Pizza Maker is right outdoor pizza oven for you. We are brave enough to say that it is the best outdoor pizza oven on the market, Why? Well, we will tell you in this review. So let`s start.

New Wave Pizza Maker Specifications:

New Wave Pizza Maker features a baking stone, can cook a pizza that is on par of restaurant quality pizzas, can bake whole pizza in 5 minutes. Also can cook the frozen pizza in 5 minutes, features very compact and light design. And it features appliances capabilities.

The pizza oven Where to use ?

  • Home
  • Outdoor

Baking stone:

The baking stone that New Wave Pizza Maker features will allow you to cook the pizza just the way that every perfect pizza should be, with perfection. Baking stone will help you to get that unique taste in pizza that you can usually find only in restaurant pizzas, that is why the New Wave Pizza Maker is so great because it has some features that usually you can find only in the professional pizza ovens.

Restaurant quality pizza with New Wave:

With New Wave Pizza Maker you will be able to cook pizzas that are the same quality as the pizzas in the elite restaurants. You won`t be able to see the difference between your own pizza and pizza that is made in the restaurant. This is also one of the reasons that New Wave Pizza Maker gets so much praise from us, it just delivers on the promises that it makes.

Bakes whole pizza in 5 minutes:

It only takes 5 minutes for New Wave Pizza Maker to cook whole pizza. This will allow you to cook as many pizzas in a day as you want. You will be able to feed practically whole football team in only 1 hour. Which is amazing by any standard, even for a professional pizza oven, especially for the outdoor pizza oven.

new wave pizza maker

The new wave pizza maker!!

Compact and light design:

New Wave Pizza Maker is decently one of the most compact outdoor pizza ovens on the market. It is so compact that you can store it pretty much anywhere that you want, in any part of your home. That is why New Wave the Pizza Maker is so great for camping trips and all outside activities that feature food consumption. Because it is so compact you won`t even realize that you took it with you on a camping trip. And another great thing is that is very light, only 11.2 pounds. Which is amazing. You will be able to move it around pretty much anywhere that you want without any fatigue. We would really appreciate that some other companies would make outdoor pizza oven with such compact and light design. Because New Wave had definitely hit the mark with this one.

New Wave Pizza Maker Appliance capabilities:

New Wave Pizza Maker also features one of unique features that can be found on any outdoor pizza oven, it can be used as boiler or baking oven. This is such an amazing features that we were stunned when we heard about them.

You will be able to boil water inside this pizza machine for any use that you need. Also, you will be able to bake all kind of products that you want. You can`t find this kind of features on any other outdoor pizza oven, but New Wave Pizza Maker features them and that was definitely a good choice.

how the pizza tastes after being cooked:

Taste that pizza from New Wave Pizza Maker has can only be described with one word, and that is amazing. Pizza will taste like you just got a pizza from a luxurious Italian restaurant. If that is not good enough for someone, then you don`t like pizza, because pizza cooked inside New Wave Pizza Maker is pure perfection.


  • Quality of the product
  • Amazing taste
  • Very compact and light
  • Baking stone
  • Amazing features, such as becoming a boiler or bake oven if you need it
  • Cooks pizza in only 5 minutes


  • For some people, it is too small for their needs
What are the dimensions of the Pizza Maker?
How hot does this oven get?
What is included in the box ?


Final Verdict:

New Wave Pizza Maker is definitely one of the best outdoor pizza ovens on the market right now. We really love how light and compact it is, and the features that it has are pretty amazing, especially the features of becoming a boiler or baking oven. This is definitely the one outdoor pizza oven that you need to have because you won’t find better pizza oven on the market. New Wave Pizza Maker is close to perfection, and you will see it for yourself when you buy one for yourself.

New Wave Pizza Maker reviews

New Wave Pizza Maker reviews

Easy to Install

9.5 /10


9.3 /10

User Experience

9.0 /10


8.6 /10
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