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Every year comes the time when you need to decide what kind of oven you would buy for outdoor ( Blackstone Pizza Oven) use. Which is the best one to use outside, what type of oven you need, what will you mostly bake on it?

If pizza is the thing that you love the most than Blackstone Pizza Oven is a perfect outdoor oven for you. It features some unique functions that are hard to find on any other pizza ovens.

Also, it is a portable pizza oven, which is a great thing. But here is the question. Is it any good? Is it worth of the money? Well stick around, and we will tell you in this review. So let’s start.

Blackstone Signature Griddle Accessories - Weather Resistant Outdoor Pizza Oven Cover - Heavy Duty 600D Polyester - Reinforced Corners and High Impact Poly-Resin Buckles
Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven for Outdoor Cooking - Electric Ignition - 2x Faster Than Other Pizza Ovens


Blackstone Pizza Oven features a 60.000 BTU burner for quick and even heat all around the oven. This allows Blackstone Pizza Oven to cook a pizza up to 2 times faster than other stoves. Also, features a push button for the igniting burner. Also, it features steel handles for more comfortable transport. 2 D sized batteries can power the motor of the oven. Electric ignitions require 1 AA battery. You can make a pizza up to 16 inches and cook time 3 minutes.

  • Overall: 54” H x 47” W x 19” D
  • Cooking Area: 5” H x 16.5” W x 16.5” D
  • Width of the oven excluding the shelves and handles: 22.375”.
  • Weight: 113 lb.

pizza oven temperature (60.000 BTU burner )

This allows the Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven to bake a perfect pizza in much faster than any other pizza oven. Also, it will allow you to bake pizza with fatter dough faster and more evenly. It is always a plus when the pizza oven has a powerful burner because no one wants to eat undercooked pizza.


Push ignition button:

This is an excellent feature because it allows you to start the oven with no problem. There is no need for long prepping for starting the fire.  And then hoping that the light won`t stop burning. You push the button, and the oven will begin to produce the flame. This is one of the best things that Outdoor Blackstone Pizza Oven has to offer.

Blackstone pizza oven has Steel Handles:

Steel handles will allow you to transport the oven more easily around when need be. The handles are excellent quality, and they won`t break off anytime soon. blackstone pizza oven  is a durable steel handle

Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven for Outdoor Cooking - Electric Ignition - 2x Faster Than Other Pizza Ovens

Motor powered by 2 D batteries:

2 D batteries power the rotating motor of Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven. This is a great thing because it will allow you to bring this pizza oven on any trip that you want. The only thing that you need will be reserve batteries and fuel for the burner. You could even make pizza on the camping trip. This is an excellent addition to the  Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven.

Electric ignition:

The electronic ignition only requires you to put 1 AA battery, and the timer will work. This is also a great addition, same as a motor that is powered by batteries because it allows the pizza oven to be used anywhere that you want.

What do customers think about Blackstone products?


Customers are praising the Outdoor Blackstone Pizza Oven because of its quality. They also adore the powerful burner that allows you to bake pizzas very fast. Also, people love the easy portability of the oven that will enable you to bring it pretty much anywhere that you want. Customers also like the capability of changing batteries if they run out. And of course, customers love that they have the option to bake large pizza. So you will feed your whole family or friends with no problem.  There are almost no negative reviews for this product. Only negatives are that for some customers Outdoor Blackstone Pizza Oven comes defected or damaged during shipping. Which in some way is not the mistake made by Blackstone, but from the shipping company?


Final Verdict

Outdoor Blackstone Pizza Oven is a perfect choice for anyone who needs an outdoor pizza oven for extended use. It is so amazing that this oven allows you to bake the pizza up to 2 times faster than other pizza ovens. The capability to take it anywhere that you want is also a pretty amazing thing for the already great product. This oven will last you the long, long time. You will feel in love in Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven. When you make your first pizza in it, you will know that you have made a smart choice. So what are you waiting for? Go online and by yourself Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven because you won`t regret it. You will become a real pizza master in pretty much no time. And we all love tasty pizza, right?

blackstone pizza oven


Easy to Install




User Experience





  • Build qualityit's temperature long time
  • Easy to transport
  • Strong burner
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Durable steel handle
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